Maggie Moo Music Darling Downs, Lockyer Valley and Western Downs

Fun, interactive music classes in Darling Downs, Lockyer Valley and Western Downs for babies, toddlers and preschool aged children using over 130 original songs.

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What to expect at Moo

Maggie Moo Music is a great fun and interactive regular music session for 0 to 5 year old children and their parents, grandparents or carers too, where the children sing, dance and play. Music is an essential part of every child’s development and the 125 original Moo Music songs used at the sessions are positive, uplifting, fun and educational. The interactive sessions will help your child gain confidence and develop memory, language and coordination skills in an exciting, enjoyable and multi-sensory way. It’s a great way to make new friends – both for the children and the adults too!

Maggie Moo is Back In Term 3 for FREE sessions at Harlaxton State School Troy Street for Mixed Moo classes starting Week 2 (Starting Tuesday 18th of July to the 12th of September) Join our sessions anytime during the term and book through our book now tab above

We offer music sessions to suit babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Our music classes include Mixed Moo 0 – 5yrs and Baby Moo 0-walking. Both these classes run by the State School Qld Term Time. All of our classes offer a unique program which includes 45 mins of music, sensory and developmental play for our Mixed/Maxi Moo group and 30 mins for our Baby group

We also offer Ndis Music/Sensory Sessions At Home or At A Hall. Mobile Music Sessions which can be claimed under the ndis capacity building daily living and other catergories please email me and I can help you with this

We Moo Doos (moosical and messy play birthday parties!) and music sessions into preps, kindergartens, early learning centres, aged care, restaurants, mother’s groups and business entertainment. We have a Maggie Moo life size character who can entertain any crowd. Please contact Kylie for further details. Below you’ll find an overview of the different music classes so you can find what suits your little one best.

Baby Moo is a music and sensory session aimed at babies from birth until they are confidently walking. The benefits of sensory activities and music for babies are scientifically proven. Every area of the brain is stimulated when babies engage in musical activity. Music helps develop communication and language skills, physical competence, social skills, creativity and imagination as well as being a lovely, fun to way to interact with your little one. There is something to learn in every Maggie Moo Music song as they have been developed by a team of early childhood education experts and professional musicians. At Baby Moo we use singing and age appropriate instruments and props. The exploration of sound, repetition of songs and activities such as keeping a steady beat will develop a lifelong love of music in your little one.

Mixed Moo: All ages up to 5yrs of age

These are great sessions for friends with children of different ages, or a joint sibling activity. We use singing, movement, games, sensory play, creative role play and instruments all set to the fantastic and original Moo songs. Exploring many of the areas of the Early Years Learning Framework, the children have so much fun, they don’t even realise they’re learning. Mixed Moo is a fantastic class for developing personal and social skills as children interact with one another. All activities are appropriate according to ages and ability of the children in the group.

Early Learning Centres

Music is an essential part of childrens development and our songs are positive, uplifting, fun and educational. As a Qualified Early Childhood Teacher with ample experience I am able to provide a high quality program which along with the Maggie Moo Music songs we are the perfect compliment to your kindergarten, prep, home day care or Early Learning Centre. Maggie Moo Music is designed to cater to children from 6 weeks to 5 years old, with three different target age levels, Baby Moo (babies), Mini Moo (toddlers) and Maxi Moo (Preschool/ Kindergarten). Maggie Moo Music is based around six loveable farmyard characters; Maggie Moo, Ollie Oink, Henry Horse, Doris Duck, Holly Hen and Barry Baa. The songs provide children with the opportunity to sing, dance, play games, copy actions and explore different instruments and materials while engaging in a whole range of developmental skills such as language, cognition, co-ordination plus gross motor, fine motor, sensory and visual. As a director it can be challenging finding relevant extra curricular programmes that link children’s activities and experiences with the Early Years Learning Framework. We understand that and can reassure you that Maggie Moo Music ticks the boxes. We have various package deals to work with your budget. We also love working in with your programming so if you have a special event on we can come up with a musical adventure based on that theme/interest. Please contact Kylie for further details.


A special session shared with the elderly Our Grand Moo Music sessions are designed to delight both young moovers and the elderly. This is an opportunity to bring everyone together for music, fun, laughter and an educational sensory experience. The benefits of our elderly population engaging with young children are well known to professionals working with the elderly and the young. When music is added to the equation a beautiful result is created.


Ndis All Abilities Moo – Special Needs Music and Sensory Classes

Music and sensory Ndis sessions are designed for children with Special Needs and Learning Delays. Individual Music, Movement and Sensory Classes available 🐮🎶♥️ We cater for all ages! Children and Adults. ♥️ Ndis self planned and plan managed 🐮Planned by a Registered Early Childhood Teacher with over 29yrs experience working with children with differing needs and learning delays. Maggie Moo’s Ndis All Abilities Music/Sensory classes provides support for children with developmental delays, disabilities or additional needs 0-adults. Maggie Moo’s Ndis Classes supports children and families in order to promote development and community participation. Some of the goals include:

🐮Gross and fine motor control 🎶Communication and Social Skills ♥️Focus and Attention 🐮Following Instructions 🎶 Body Awareness and Self Regulation ♥️ Sensory Integration 🐮Increasing Literacy & numeracy skills♥️We also work with you to achieve personal ndis or individual personal goals

Music can be very effective in early childhood intervention and combined with our interactive music, the use of AUSLAN in all of our classes and a Sensory Enrichment Program the Ndis Music/Sensory program is the perfect class which will provide your child with a variety of music and sensory opportunities. Individual sessions are either provided at the hall or we can come to your home

These sessions are suitable for children of any age. Music is a powerful tool, it expresses and influences emotions and assists with potential brain development, enhanced memory, improved literacy and language skills. We create a sensory-rich environment within our sessions and use a variety of props for the engagement and stimulation of your child. We are guided by what interests your child has during the lesson and work with parents on their individual goals. Please contact [email protected] to organise a session.

Infant Massage Classes – Taught by certified infant massage instructors – Miss Kylie and Miss Lea – you will learn how to perform a full body massage, how to perform a colic, wind and constipation massage to help your little one when they are in discomfort and perform a lymphatic massage. You will learn lots of other information about baby massage through the 5 week course. This course is for parents or expecting parents only.

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