Why Doo Maggie Moo Music

The Maggie Moo Music songs and sessions are great fun for children, parents and carers.

Music is an essential part of childrens development and the songs are positive, uplifting, fun and educational. With Maggie Moo Music, children are constantly learning while they have fun.

The interactive sessions help children gain confidence and develop their memory, language and coordination skills in an exciting, enjoyable and multi-sensory way. 

It’s a great way for children to make new friends… even the parents seem to make new friends too. Sometimes when the sessions are over the parents carry on talking for what seems like forever!

All songs are written by a professional songwriter and recorded by professional musicians and vocalists using real instruments. Although the music and songs are written especially for children, parents and carers really enjoy Maggie Moo Music too.

Maggie Moo and her friends play music all day long and there are loads of songs about being down on the farm and all the animals you find there. There are songs about wild animals and pets. There are songs about journeys and travelling, and all the different types of transport we can use. There are songs to help children learn about themselves, and songs to help learn about the world around us. There are songs to stimulate the senses, lots of songs with actions and movements, songs to dance to, songs about music and instruments, and songs that help children count. Songs to play games to and songs about the things that children love to do. There are sing-along songs, story songs and some downright silly songs! There are songs to help children interact with friends and meet each other and songs to help celebrate special days.